Transform gifts
into unique experiences

We're changing the way to gift. Increase your exposition as a brand by adding experience to your products.

Know your users

Learn about your clients' behavior and characteristics.

Full traceablity

Quantify the amount of gift sales and understand your sales better.

Increase your sales

Increment your online store traffic, generating more conversions.

Build community loyalty

Users will associate your brand with emotional and unique experiences.

How does it work?

Personalize the QR Tag

Apply your branding by editing the logo, colors and copy.

Get the tags

You can get them at your email, or have them integrated to your online checkout.

Send them to your clients

If integrated to web checkout, this step will be automatic.

Print and attach them to the package

Make sure they are placed in the exterior on a viewable spot.

Seize the results!

Operate a dashboard, know your metrics and plan retargeting campaigns.

In the press

By delivering a QR Tag along with the gift, StoryDots offers a way to surprise the addressee with a digital greeting.

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The regular greeting card is in most cases obsolete. Very little people use it since it doesn't personalize presents.

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StoryDots is a novel app that transmits emotions through every remotely delivered gift.

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“StoryDots”, the app to send personalized greetings with your gifts.

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